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Baseball Training Synopsis


There really is no one specific way to hit. Some hitters use more of a rotational style than others; some hitters favor a more linear approach. Techniques such as holding and setting the bat properly as well as proper foot placement allow a player to generate power and speed. At Crossover Sports Academy we break down the hitting mechanics step-by-step effectively replacing poor habits with good habits.   


Crossover Sports Academy teaches pitchers how to throw strikes consistently. We build confidence and sharpen the mental focus to a fine point. Pitching topics include: mechanics, pitch grips, mental game, fielding, back-ups, live throwing & much more.

Game Situations

It is imperative that players understand their job on the field when the ball is in play. This session is also available to coaches and has proven truly useful to them.

Back Catching  

This is the most demanding position on the field. Crossover Sports Academy knows this and has  a program specifically designed for catchers. Being a catcher requires skill and courage, so it's important to learn the position the correct way. Topics include: receiving, throwing, footwork and mechanics, blocking balls, taking charge, and much more. We offer drills to develop eye and hand coordination, and skills for making the right plays at the right times.



Studies show that most injuries on the baseball field occur while sliding! These injuries can be easily avoided. Let Crossover Sports Academy teach you the proper sliding techniques.


Crossover Sports Academy understands the #1 goal of an infielder is to establish quick, soft hands. We will bring players on a journey "around the horn," teaching all the secrets of infield play along the way. Topics include: fielding mechanics, footwork, throwing mechanics, cut-offs and relays, double plays, and much more.


Proper technique is crucial to being an outfielder. Our professional staff will teach the techniques of solid outfield play. Topics include: fly balls, ground balls, angles, throwing, footwork, and backing-up.

Private Lessons

Available to all ages. Private lessons are for those wanting to bring their game to a new level and are available year-round by appointment.
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