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Bakeball Training Synopsis

Basketball Shot  

One of the most crucial aspects of the game of basketball is to establish good shooting fundamentals. The shooter should be square to the basket, elbows tucked and straightly aligned. We will go through a series of jumpshooting exercises, as repetition goes hand and hand with improvement. With shooting, it is vital to practice good mechanics at all times, as we believe that practice makes permanent, not perfect as the adage would tell you.


We believe that in order to have success on the offensive end of the floor, all players should be proficient with regard to their dribbling ability, regardless of position. Successful basketball players are ambidextrous in that they can replicate their moves with both their dominant and off hand respectively. In order to improve players individual dribble moves, we go through a series of drills in which players use objects to simulate a defender. This helps to ensure that the move happens instantly. Dribbling is one of the easiest things to work on. If you are dedicated to the game of basketball, you should have a ball with you at all times. Whether you’re walking to the store or to the train, you can practice your dribbling en route.


Good teams pass the ball effectively and frequently. Plain and simple. It is such an asset to ones team when they have five players on the court who are at the very least serviceable distributors of the basketball. Passing is one of the simplest things in the game of basketball, but it should not be overlooked. Our focus is based primarily around the development of crisp, efficient passing.


We affirm the idea that rebounding is the entity of the game that correlates most to the end result. The point is very simple; if you crash the boards, your team’s chances of success increase substantially. It’s important to do the small things well. We will teach you the proper mechanics of boxing out as well as proper positioning for timing your jumps correctly.

Basketball Defense

Every player on the court has a responsibility to defend their position well. Good defensive players are active, focused, and keenly aware of what teams like to do on their offensive possessions. Shots are to be contested and shooters are to be pressured. One doesn’t need to be athletically gifted to be an effective defensive player. We teach players of all sizes and talent levels how to defend their position to the best of their individual ability.

Offensive Strategy

We teach that while is it important for players to develop their individual game, success can only come to fruition if players know how to play team basketball. On the offensive end, players should look to involve their teammates in a number of ways. Timely passing as well as cutting and driving will help to space the floor. Setting screens can help spread the floor as well. Simplicity on offense can create a great deal of success for the team. The pick and roll, perhaps one of the simplest offensive sets is very effective in terms of creating an option for a jumpshot, or getting the ball into the paint for the bigger players.

Private Lessons

Available to all ages. Private lessons are for those wanting to bring their game to a new level and are available year-round by appointment.
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